According to our attorney’s report, the court hearing was a little hairy. There were some legal disagreements with the judge (who is new to adoption cases) about consents, family codes, and options, and she had to fight for us, but the bottom line is…

We are the legal parents of Andrey and Reagan. Finally. For good.


The nitty gritty: We have a seven-day waiting period before everything is finalized, and then it will take 4-5 days for our attorney to get paperwork together and new birth certificates submitted, and then we’ll get our travel dates, which will be sometime in the next few weeks. We’ll be gone for about a week and a half with travel time, and we’ll be with the kids for most of the trip.

We’ve paid all of our installments to our agency, and as of this morning we paid the last 1000 euros due to our attorney and the agency on the Spaghettia side of this. (“Congratulations on your new kids; that will be 1000 euro. Good day.”) So we are done. Done, done, done!

Except…we still have to fly there. And back. And bring the kids home with us.

Tickets right now are between $2100-4200 each for our two-way tickets, and about the same cost for two one-way tickets, so multiplying by three, we still need $6300 to (*gasp* nevermind, I really don’t want to multiply $4200 by three) somewhere around (and hopefully not over) $10,000. We need to raise money for the airfare in the next two weeks.

Want to help?

I have a friend named Katie who is wonderful. We’ve never met in person (Vince works with her mother, who is also wonderful – she gave me my first set of knitting needles!). Katie is also an adoptive mom and she has already done amazing things for our adoption, and she is continuing to do amazing things for us. One of these amazing things is selling these cakes in a jar.

Gingerbread cream cheese.
Pumpkin spice.
Red velvet.
Double chocolate peanut butter.
Chocolate with penuche (which is frosting made with brown sugar. Yes, please!)
Chocolate cheesecake swirl.
Apple harvest.
Chai latte (which Sophie and I can personally attest to. Incredible yumminess – and yes, I share dessert with my cat. Stop looking at me like that).
Mocha caramel cappucino.

No, no, no – Drooling on your keyboard will never do! These jars cost $8 each plus shipping (which is by two-day air and the cost is calculated when you place your order) and Katie is donating all of the proceeds toward our adoption. See? I told you she was amazing. Call her at (907)250-3845 and she will hook you up!

There are a bunch of other ways to help us listed on this page. Thank you for your support! We know that we’ve had people on at least four continents praying us through this. We’ve received $825 in donations (not sales) in the last six days from wonderful friends, acquaintances, customers, and total strangers. Remember how He said, “Watch Me” and He did it? Signature, court date, approvals, and decrees? It wasn’t for nothing…so we know He can and will do this, too. Ten thousand dollars is pocket change to the King, and He takes good care of His kids.


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