the waves are high

We woke up to the email we’ve been waiting for this morning. Our court date is in six days: Wednesday, July 12, 2:30 pm Spaghettia time.

From our attorney’s email:

The judge requested from me a whole lot of things that are usually requested from the Social Services (SS). He is a new judge in adoptions and he obviously is not very well informed who has what information and documents. So tomorrow morning, I am calling the SS of both children and begging them to provide me with the requested information and documents.

Please, pray for me and that I will succeed in all this. I will really appreciate prayers that I will be able to convince the SS to provide me with what I need as it is unusual and they may deny. The judge also requested a lot of information and documents from the SS themselves, so it will be a gambling game to see if they will provide all that to the court in time for the hearing.

Please, know that I will fight hard and that I am very determined to have this adoption finished with before the court shut down, but what I need the most right now from you is your fervent prayers. Please, storm the gates of Heaven for me and for the judge!

One thing we are very, very grateful for is that the judge has not requested any documents from us. Both of our two friends who have also made it to court have got a ton of documents to gather, notarize, appostille, and ship to our attorney overseas. We would not have time for this, and there’s no such thing as “overnighting” something in or out of our state capital, anyway.

But the fight isn’t over, and it all comes down to this. It will be 1:30 am Alaska time on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, so we will be staying up a few minutes after our normal bedtime to pray and wait for another email. Please pray for favor. Please pray with us that the email will say that we are officially, legally, and forever the parents of Andrey and Reagan.

We can see God’s hand all over this. The waves are high, but He stills them. He walks on the water just to show it who’s boss. He excels in the impossible and swaggers through the unthinkable. His love is preposterous and His ability is unlimited.

He has two words for this:

Watch Me.


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