wait and listen: 31 days from chaos to quiet

Copperlight Wood: wait and listen: 31 days from chaos to quiet

I’m not sure where this is leading. I have no agenda, no outline, nothing really planned out. Just a few drafts and scribbles.

What I do know is that in the wild day-to-day ruckus of child-rearing, homeschooling, home-keeping, and joy-seeking, this is what I need. Daily. More than chocolate, more than chai tea, more than a good Dickens book, even more than…


…coffee. I know.

So I’m planning to be here – with coffee – this month, doing just that…daily. I expect Him to show up just as often, because without Him, I have no words.

Every time I sit down with a blank document, He surprises me…because He speaks when we wait and listen.

This month, I expect to be surprised often. I hope you’ll join us.

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He wants this from us on a daily, hourly, minute-ly basis – no agenda but His, and a willingness for Him to surprise us.

Open hands, empty paper.

He longs to fill both.

wait and listen from Copperlight Wood


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  1. Great to establish a habit to wait and listen to what God might be saying to you rather than just being concerned about what we will say to him.