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in writing (Copperlight Wood)

It’s Sunday evening. Throughout the day Vince and I have been checking in with each other about putting it on paper  and it’s finally time. Dreaming is for every day, but especially the Sabbath – how better to draw near the Dream-maker?

The kids are tucked in, it’s quiet, and best of all, we have a notebook and a pen. We start our list, bouncing ideas back and forth.

I start scribbling. “In no particular order, right?” I ask. Vin nods.

And God says, In no particular order…write. Just write.

Call it your Christmas List.

No kidding. (!)

So we did.

It was a glorious day: sunlit and rain-washed – the earth breathing out its scents. “This,” Arrietty thought, “is what I have longed for; what I have imagined: what I knew existed – what I knew we’d have!”

Vince and Shannon’s Christmas List is 14 items long of some pretty audacious schemes and dreams, and it made any residual religiosity in me quiver a little to write them.

A ladder as high as this would mean a feat of endurance, and a ladder at best was a dull thing, whereas here was variety, a changing of direction, exploration of heights unknown.

(Is He telling you anything?)

Up and up, she went. She found an old bird’s nest; the moss inside was straw-dry. She climbed into it and lay for a while….but having felt this safety, climbing out and on and up seemed far more dangerous. “Suppose I fell,” thought Arrietty…

Times are hard in some places. The enemy threatens without and within…and that’s all the more reason to retaliate with a bigger vision. Ignore the hiss of the snake and start writing anyway.

in writing, day 7 of Wait and Listen (Copperlight Wood)

But, as her hands closed round the friendly twigs and her toes spread a little to grip the bark, she was suddenly aware of her absolute safety – the ability (which for so long had been hidden deeply inside her) to climb.

What a world – mile upon mile, thing after thing, layer upon layer of unimagined richness – and she might never have seen it! She might have lived and died, as so many of her relations had done, in dusty twilight…

– Mary Norton, The Borrowers Afield

There is ugliness out there, work needs to be done, and healing needs to come. It is because of this that we so badly need to listen. He dreams over us. We get to partner with Him in making the days ahead better simply by believing Him…by faith. Faith comes through hearing.

And then things change…because it is at that point of listening, hearing, believing that we hear Him speak. The whole world can say it’s foolishness, but we know better.

We write it all down. It’s gone from some airy, tenuous vision to something defined, wrapped up in words. And we look at it and think, “Now what?”

He says, Watch Me.

wait and listen from Copperlight Wood


*This is day seven of the Wait and Listen series. The other posts are here.


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  1. *sigh* This is wonderful, and so timely!! Love the quotes from that book – I’m guessing this is what “The Secret World of Arietty” movie was based on. Which I still haven’t seen. But want to. I’ve just had a very special day hanging out with my man and sharing our hearts and dreams, many of which scare me silly. I think we will take the time to write it down soon.

  2. Amen!
    We… *I* need more than a “to do” list. I need His list. Thanks for the reminder to dream big!